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The firm Geomin d.o.o. gives services of mining in quarries, surface mining and wide diggings for different purposes in construction industry. Furthermore, the firm Geomin d.o.o. gives services of special mining like pulling down the buildings with mining and subaquatic mining.

The firm is registrated for the production of economic explosives type ANFO.
Great attention is dedicated to protection of people and material goods while mining is performed. This is the reason why Geomin d.o.o. practices seizmic measuring while mining is performed and according to results adapts mining parameters for each situation. Experienced and skilled workers that are using new proffesional technologies guarantee quality and accuracy in the most acquiring tasks.

The firm uses warehouse and service capacities in Lučko: Bugarova 10, 10 250 Lučko, Zagreb.

Geomin d.o.o. momentaly employes 23 persons: 6 persons are VSS, 14 SSS and 3 KV.

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